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  • Total Image Make Over

Have you ever seen a person that walked into a room and just shined the whole space so everyone wanted to know who this is? And what if – this person could be you?
Full image makeover starts off with someone who feels a little bit overwhelmed, frustrated or bored with their look
You can have an image so dynamic and compelling that when you enter a room everyone wants to know who you are and what you do? You need to put your image in the hands of a recognized EXPERT with a proven track record.

How much business have you lost because you lacked the confidence to go for it? And how much is your confidence suffering because you have a nagging feeling you don't look as good as you could?
Even worse, you may have unknowingly lost business because your competition looked so much more dynamic and professional than you.
Like it or not, we know people do judge a book by its cover and we sell ourselves short and sabotage our success by looking ordinary instead of extraordinary. We miss the big opportunities that could make our careers soar.

At Dress For Success, we will take you by the hand and with great sensitivity to your unique individual preferences and needs we will assist you to look as magnificent as you are!!!
Dress for Success is skilled at creating and refining individual style and professional style. We strive to ensure that your clothes make the right statement about you, and that you’re always looking your best. Unique to Dress For Success, we maintain your wardrobe through our personalized wardrobe program to assure unity, versatility and style from season to season.
Clothing recommendations for your body structure, Garment selections to suit your personality, lifestyle and physique. Dressing for your budget Wardrobe refinement (what items to keep/discard) Up-to-date inventory and maintenance of wardrobe and Outfit creation.